Buzet co-operative goes down the trendy vegan route

Saturday March 18 2017 by Vitisphere

Anticipating consumer demand for vegan wines, the Buzet co-operative winery now markets 250,000 bottles of its 2015 vintage Domaine de Michelet certified by the European Vegetarian Union. Certification as a vegan wine implies that no animal-derived inputs have been used. The wine is also organically certified and has no added sulphites. Its label is also extremely well-suited to its target audience.
“Social demand for this type of product is interesting because it matches our core values. Even though there are costs involved in certification, we have not increased our prices (7.5 euros/bottle)” explains marketing manager David Bidegaray. The vegan certified range is still being trialled but has already met with a positive response from marketing companies, particularly in countries such as Germany, America, England and Scandinavia, but also France.  
The Buzet co-operative winery has been testing plant-based fining agents – mostly made from pea flour – which since 2016 have replaced all animal-based fining agents, essentially albumen. And according to David Bidegaray, there has been no impact on costs.

[ Source: Vitisphere. Photo: Vignerons de Buzet ]


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