Eight million euros earmarked for Champagne visitors’ centre in Aÿ

Thursday March 16 2017 by Vitisphere

Champagne has been developing wine tourism projects since its hillside vineyards and cellars were listed as world heritage by Unesco in July 2015. The idea of establishing a Champagne visitors’ centre in Aÿ, on the historic site of Pommery’s former press house, has been under consideration for some time, but at the end of December 2016, the local greater Marne Valley authorities approved the 8-million-euro project. “We want to create a universal centre that will bring together all strands of the Champagne industry – wine growers, co-operatives and merchants”, said Dominique Lévêque, chairman of the local authorities and mayor of Aÿ. “The centre will appeal to visitors’ five senses and allow them to leave better “armed” to continue their wine tourism adventure”.
The modern, fun 2,000m2 recreational centre is aimed at unlocking the secrets of Champagne for the 50,000 visitors it is designed to welcome annually from the end of 2019. An eatery may open on the building’s flat roof and the centre will house shops and an exhibition area. Over the next few years, other wine tourism initiatives are planned for Champagne, which may well lead to duplication of existing facilities. Lévêque claims it won’t: “The projects will be complementary. Our shared ambition is to broaden the choice of solutions so that visitors stay in Champagne for longer”.

Source: Vitisphere. Photo: Aÿ town hall


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