Two Beaujolais co-operatives merge

Wednesday March 08 2017 by Vitisphere

‘Vinescence’ is the brand new name chosen for the latest co-operative winery merger in Beaujolais involving the Vignerons de Bel Air (Saint-Jean d’Ardières, Rhone) and Saint-Etienne-des-Oullières (Rhone) wineries. The decision was officially made at an extraordinary general meeting of both wineries on January 27, 2017.
Combined, the wineries represent 350 member growers farming over 1,100 hectares of vineyards in all of the Beaujolais appellations. With a potential production capacity of 63,000 hectolitres, Vinescence becomes Beaujolais’ second-largest co-operative by volume, after Agamy. It is the region’s leading player for Brouilly, Côte-de-Brouilly, Morgon, Chiroubles and Régnié appellation wines with a combined turnover expected to reach 12.5 million euros.
Located just a few kilometres apart, the wineries will be able to address issues they both face such as passing on land ownership, enabling young wine growers to start up and modernising and diversifying vineyards. The merger should also allow member growers to benefit from an enhanced range of services.
The new entity boasts three wineries, which will be kept open, and two shops. Vinescence is chaired by Thierry Locatelli, former chairman of Vignerons de Bel Air, with Laurent Bessy, former chairman of the Saint-Etienne-des-Oullières winery, as its vice-chairman. Jean-Paul Civeyrac, former director of Vignerons de Bel Air, will be managing the new company.

Source: Vitisphere. Photo: Vignerons de Bel Air


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