8,500 visitors attend 2017 Loire Valley wine show

Saturday March 04 2017 by Vitisphere

To say this year’s Loire Valley wine show was eagerly awaited would be a huge understatement. Not because exhibitors had vast amounts of wine for sale – the 2016 vintage in the Loire was marred by frost, mildew and drought, bringing its sales potential crashing down and forcing many wine growers to tap into their stocks. No, the main reason the show was the focus of attention was for its attendance figures. Established in 1987, the Anjou event had to face fierce competition this year from concurrent events along with an organic show and, for the first time this year, Vinovision, the new cold climate wine show which ran from February 12 to 14. As the 2017 Loire Valley wine show closed on February 7, organisers officially announced visitor numbers of 8,500.

As with demonstrations – and the inevitable discrepancies between union and police figures – attendance numbers should be viewed with caution. However, a number of positive points can be highlighted, including the synergy between the original show – which was celebrating its 31st anniversary this year – and the two organic and biodynamic shows (La Levée de la Loire and Demeter) held concurrently for the third time at the Angers showground. The two younger events attracted as many exhibitors as the original show, with between 220 and 230 on both sides. It is true that many wine growers who attended the organic shows were previously long-time exhibitors at the Loire Valley wine show. Organic certification and the promise of less expensive rates have attracted them to a dedicated arena for their wines, primarily the Levée de la Loire. Another positive point is that both events were generally satisfied with the number and quality of visitors on the Monday and Tuesday.


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