Loire Propriétés takes over the Corre Morin group

Thursday March 02 2017 by Vitisphere

The news was announced at the Loire Valley wine show, which took place from February 5 to 7 in Angers. Loire Propriétés, which markets wines from the four co-operative wineries of Muscadet, Brissac, Chinon and Touraine with a combined production of 210,000 hl and marketing volume of 33 million bottles, has taken over the Corre Morin group in Saint-Lambert du Lattay in Maine-et-Loire. The group owns Domaine du Landreau in the Anjou and Coteaux du Layon appellations,  Domaine La Jalousie in Chinon and Domaine La Chevalerie in Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil. “They specialise in selling wines to businesses and private customers and therefore complement existing markets for Loire Propriétés”, said Baptiste Fabre, marketing manager for Loire Propriétés.

The takeover will enable the company to branch out into new distribution channels. It has also announced that it will be making further investments over the coming weeks.

At the Loire Valley wine show, Loire Propriétés presented ‘Le Caprice d’Inès’, originally launched under the rosé d’Anjou appellation and now marketed under the Cabernet d’Anjou label both in pouches and bottles. “Sales of the appellation are developing well, with a 4% volume increase in 2016”, stressed Baptiste Fabre. Loire Propriétés said it would be intentionally supporting sales of the ‘Le Caprice d’Inès’ brand which targets women and convenience stores and is part of the company’s strategic portfolio.

Source: Vitisphere. Illustration: Loire Propriétés


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