Label tribute to Baroness Philippine de Rothschild

Tuesday February 28 2017 by Vitisphere

As the sales campaign for the 2014 vintage of Château Mouton Rothschild now gets fully underway, English artist David Hockney has unveiled the original painting reproduced on the label. The painting was displayed for the first time on February 3 at Spencer House in London, which is co-owned by the Rothschild family. “Luminous and vibrant, [the label] depicts two glasses, one empty, the other full, symbolising feverish expectation and the constantly renewed miracle of the birth of a great wine”, said a press statement.

The label’s subtitle specifies that the artwork is a symbolic tribute to ‘Philippine’, Baroness de Rothschild, who passed away in 2014. This is therefore the last label to be signed by the famous chateau owner, but it won’t be the last to be designed by an artist, stressed Julien de Beaumarchais de Rothschild, her youngest son who acts as a bridge between the property and the artists. “It was back in 1945 when my grandfather, Philippe de Rothschild, invited top artists to create a picture to illustrate the label of Mouton, a wine he considered to be a work of art”, he explained, adding that he would be perpetuating the tradition with his brother and sister.

For David Hockney enthusiasts, a major retrospective exhibition runs until May 29, 2017 at the Tate Britain in London.

Source: Vitisphere. Photo: BPHR


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