Diam launches Corsican corks

Wednesday February 22 2017 by Vitisphere

Corsican wine growers are now able to cork their wines with cork sourced from their own forests following a multi-year contract between Diam and Sylvacoop, a co-operative of 40 woodland owners. Three of them harvested cork last June for the cork manufacturer. “We have purchased 20 tonnes of cork”, explained Mathieu Colombe, regional Mediterranean manager for Diam. The cork will enable the manufacturer to produce 1.5 million closures. The next stage is to seek out clients. To date, four wine growers have placed their orders, including the Union des Vignerons de l’Ile de Beauté, the largest Corsican co-operative winery.
“We pay twice as much for this cork as we do Portuguese cork, where the forests are managed on an industrial basis. The cork oaks are identified and grown in straight lines. In Corsica, they grow in scrubland and production costs are therefore higher”, added Colombe. For a locally produced cork, Corsican wine growers will have to fork out €20 more per thousand than for Portuguese Diam corks. The cork was not moulded on the island – Diam transported it to its factory in Céret, in the Pyrénées-Orientales. Here, it was dried outdoors for several months before being washed, ground and treated with supercritical CO2 to remove any TCA and other unwanted molecules. The first Corsican customers received their corks at the end of January.

[ Source: Vitisphere. Photo: DR ]


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