Aubert de Villaine: “Exorbitant prices for Romanée-Conti are very hurtful to us”

Monday February 20 2017 by Vitisphere

The co-manager of the prestigious Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, Aubert de Villaine, does not like to be considered a scholar of vines. In fact, he would be embarrassed if you called him such and would feel obliged to describe himself as a mere wine grower. He would also feel compelled to add that he is probably the oldest person in the room, which at the Cité du Vin on January 24, was likely true. The auditorium, which was packed to capacity, was indeed mainly full of Bordeaux students from the oenology university and Inseec Business School. The audience was certainly not disappointed by the presentation delivered by one of Burgundy’s leading figures and was undeniably inspired by his experience, even though they could not actually try his wines. How many of us can?

As new records for the Romanée-Conti monopole are constantly being set at auction, Aubert de Villaine admits that he is baffled by the prices. Even though he tries to keep a strict rein on distribution, he admits that his legendary wines “cause problems including counterfeit bottles, grey markets and exorbitant prices. We find this very hurtful. It takes away some of the charm of being a wine grower”, he sighs.

The immensely modest Côte d’Or gentleman farmer was warmly applauded. There was nowhere for him to hide but behind his bushy eyebrows, before responding politely: “Wines sometimes deserve applause, but wine growers a lot less”.

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