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Wednesday February 08 2017 by Vitisphere

Consumers, we know, are becoming increasingly individualistic and Vinexpo has had to follow this underlying trend by launching Vinexpo Explorer. The show is offering countries or regions the chance to welcome one hundred or so buyers for a two-day immersion programme, allowing them to roll out a personalised promotional thrust by taking advantage of Vinexpo’s contacts. The programme enables the regions to invite their best customers to meet people, share some time with them, network and do business, not only with wine growers but also distribution representatives from around the world. “We want to create a community of buyers”, said Vinexpo managing director

Guillaume Déglise, who is always keen to point out that “Vinexpo is a neutral member of the wine trade”.

Chapter One, which is the name given to the first Vinexpo Explorer, will run for two days in Vienna on September 11 and 12. As Vinexpo itself turns the spotlight on Spain, Austria will be the first on the roster for the new format, which will undeniably have an impact on Austrian attendance at the June show in Bordeaux; in fact, fifty or so producers are expected to attend. “This is one of the highest attendances in a long time”, pointed out Wilhelm Klinger, managing director of the Austrian Wine Marketing Board. The firms will get first refusal on tickets for Vinexpo Explorer, in exchange for 3,000 euros, covering most of the costs of the event.

[ Source: Vitisphere. Photo: Vinexpo ]


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