AdVini consolidates its holdings in Provence

Tuesday January 31 2017 by Vitisphere

Last December, management of the 100-hectare Château Roquefeuille was officially transferred from the Bérenger family to Château Gassier, the Provencal subsidiary of AdVini which owns the eponymous 40-hectare organic estate in Sainte-Victoire. Château Gassier also handles distribution for Château Beaulieu in the Coteaux d’Aix area and Abbaye Saint-Hilaire in Coteaux Varois. The thirty-year lease allows the Bérenger family to opt out of the estate’s management whilst continuing to run its hospitality business, welcoming 13,000 guests a year, mostly for weddings.

For AdVini, the take-over enables it to “broaden our supply base to include prime sites such as Sainte-Victoire. We already had a foothold in the northern part of the growth, this takes us into the more southerly part”, explained Bruno Descamps, head of PR and marketing at Château Gassier. In practice, AdVini takes over complete management of the estate and will be bringing in a new team and upgrading facilities from top to bottom. This will involve grubbing up and replanting the vineyard, covering 100 of the 200 hectares of land, building a new winery with an ultimate capacity of 500-600,000 bottles a year, and producing new labels so as to achieve price points of 11 euros a bottle in Horeca channels for the Côtes de Provence and 14 euros for the Sainte-Victoire.


[ Source: Vitisphere. Photo: Château de Roquefeuille ]



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