PGI Méditerranée sparkling wines manage to keep their heads above water

Thursday January 19 2017 by Vitisphere

On December 14, the Council of State annulled seven ministerial decrees dated November 26, 2015 authorising production of sparkling wines for the following PGIs: Comté Tolosan, Coteaux de l’Ain, Coteaux de l’Auxois, Coteaux de Tannay, Côtes de la Charité, Pays d’Oc and Vins des Allobroges. The annulment was prompted by “abuse of authority”. The decision is being hailed as a victory by the national Crémant producers’ federation.

The only designation to avoid the blow is PGI Méditerranée. The national PGI producers’ federation will be analysing the reasons for its preferential treatment, particularly as the sparkling PGI Méditerranée had been annulled due to its lack of precedence, unlike major designation Pays d’Oc which has suffered a serious setback following this latest ruling. “Once again, the Council of State acknowledges the possibility for PGIs to produce sparkling wines”, pointed out Christelle Jacquemont, managing director of the national PGI federation.

The decision by the Council of State is yet another milestone in a major legal wrangle that began in October 2011 when 36 sparkling PGIs gained approval.


Source: Vitisphere. Photo: Council of State




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