New classification for Crus Artisans du Médoc scheduled for 2017

Sunday January 15 2017 by Vitisphere

We have had a verbal agreement from the ministries of agriculture and the economy for our specifications. All we need now is for them to sign them!” explained an enthusiastic Maxime Saint-Martin, the new chairman of the Crus Artisans du Médoc producers’ organisation. The authorities’ informal approval of new specifications marks the end of a procedure launched in 2014. It is aimed at replacing the ten-year classification that started in 2006 and was extended for the 2016 vintage.

Once the relevant ministries have rubber-stamped specifications, a new classification could be introduced for the 2017 harvest. The selection process is due to take place during the first quarter of 2017. To comply with the specifications, wines must score at least 60% in tastings of the previous three vintages and 40% for the owner’s ‘artisan’ status. “An artisan is really in charge of all decision-making. He takes part in all vineyard management, work in the winery, sales and administrative tasks... Being in charge doesn’t mean doing everything alone, though!” pointed out Maxime Saint-Martin.

According to the young wine grower, the aim is to prompt wine growers to apply for Cru Artisan status. The producers’ organisation currently has 35 chateaux members and 44 properties listed in 2006.


Source: Vitisphere. Photo of Maxime Saint-Martin: Crus Artisans du Médoc


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