Cellier des Dauphins on the hunt for new MD

Thursday December 22 2016 by Vitisphere

Bruno Vincent-Genod, who was recruited as a ‘transition’ executive by the Union des Vignerons des Côtes du Rhône (Cellier des Dauphins) in December 2015, is set to leave the company on November 30, 2016. The firm had enlisted his help as a consultant to replace Franck Gaudet, its former director who left the company quickly, and to establish a three-member board along with Sylvie Darves and Jacques Tardieu. “He ultimately stayed on for a year instead of the six months originally planned”, stressed Sylvie Darves. “Also, the company has been run by a board for a year and is therefore not without management”.

The board itself is directed by a supervisory board comprising the 11 chairmen of the co-operative wineries belonging to the group and managed by Serge Roux, chairman of the Nyons co-operative. “The supervisory board wants to spend time defining and choosing the most suitable person for the job”, added Sylvie Darves. “But we will soon be launching a recruitment phase and hiring a new managing director over the new few months”. The new MD will join the board with Sylvie Darves and Jacques Tardieu and will take part in rolling out the second phase of the ‘Cellier 2020’ plan launched in 2014 by the group.


[ Source: Vitisphere. Photo: UCVR  ]


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