Burgundy: Maison Bouchard invests 3.4 million euros in packaging facilities for its wines

Tuesday December 20 2016 by Vitisphere

Maison Bouchard Père & Fils has announced that it is to erect a 3,000m2 building in Savigny-lès-Beaune (Côte d’Or) next to its winery. The building will provide packaging facilities for its bottled wines which until now have been housed in a building also used for logistics. The original 4,000m2 warehouse will thus be freed up, enabling the company to expand its logistics business which until now has been sub-contracted out to other firms. It should be able to handle between 5 and 7 million bottles belonging to the Henriot group, compared with 3 million currently, thereby “improving customer service” by centralising activities.

The new building is likely to come in at a cost of 3.4 million euros and is due to be completed by September 2017. Beaune-based Bouchard Père & Fils is currently run by Christian Albouy, its managing director. The 3-D aerial picture shows the new connecting building in cream. It will join the winery (left) and the logistics centre (right).


[ Source: Vitisphere. Illustration: Henriot group ]


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