Southern Rhone: Cairanne co-operative meets administration targets

Wednesday December 14 2016 by Vitisphere

Three years ago, the co-operative winery in Cairanne, Vaucluse, suffered a series of financial setbacks and was placed under administration in February 2014. Following the introduction of a recovery plan in December 2015, the winery has now “returned to growth”. In production terms, its output reached 24,000 hectolitres in 2016, almost twice that of 2015 when it totalled just 13,000 hl. “Apart from the top quality 2016 crop, the significant increase in volumes is due to the arrival of new co-operative members and the development of a partnership arrangement with Grandes Serres”, said the company in a statement.

The winery’s stabilised financial situation has undoubtedly led to renewed confidence but Cairanne’s promotion to growth status has also been a decisive contributory factor as it has drawn in new clients. These “good results” have enabled it to “meet administration targets”, stressed the company.


[ Source: Vitisphere. Photo: Cairanne co-operative winery ]


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