French wines: Lack of availabilities penalises exports

Tuesday November 08 2016 by Vitisphere

For the third consecutive year, French wine exports declined in volume. During the 2015-2016 financial year, from August to July, 13.95 million hectolitres of wine were shipped overseas, compared with 14.3 million a year earlier, translating to a drop of 2.5%. According to intervention agency FranceAgriMer in its latest outlook report, the fall is “partly due to a lack of available supplies caused by years of short crops”.

Whilst still appellation (-2.4%), PGI (-8.2%) and wines without a GI (-8.2%) witnessed declining volume shipments abroad, the same is not true for sparkling wines and, even more so, foreign wines. Their exports rose from 1.29 million to 1.49 million hectolitres, a rise of 15.5%. They now account for 10.6% of total French wine exports, although their value share is still small, at 3%, despite a marked increase in exports during the financial year. Wines from the EU without a GI rose by 14% whilst those from outside the EU surged by 24%.


Source: Vitisphere. Photo: FAM


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