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Jean-Henri Schÿler says 'adieu' to Bordeaux wine industry

Par Vitisphere Le 06 décembre 2016
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Jean-Henri Schÿler says 'adieu' to Bordeaux wine industry

ust a few days after celebrating his 85th birthday, Jean-Henri Schÿler passed away on October 31 in Margaux. The news was announced by his family in the regional newspaper ‘Sud Ouest’.  A leading figure amongst Bordeaux negociants and pivotal to the history of the region’s shipping industry, he ran the iconic Schröder and Schÿler company, founded in the Chartrons area of the city in 1739, as well as the 3rd growth Margaux estate Château Kirwan. The seventh generation in a line of German shippers, he strove to keep both companies under family ownership. In 1999, he handed over the reins of the shipping company and family estate to his son, Yann Schÿler, who also became consul for Denmark in Bordeaux, a family responsibility since 1917.

Jean-Henri Schÿler’s experience as a diplomat stood him in good stead during his terms as chairman of the Bordeaux and Libourne negociants’ federation from 1969 to 1987, and even more so as chair of the Bordeaux wine council from 1974 to 1976. “A man of his word and a great humanitarian, he was a firm believer in the significance of collective enterprise and had a crucial impact on the different strands of the Bordeaux wine industry”, commented Allan Sichel, the current chairman of the CIVB and former chair of the Bordeaux shipping industry.


[ Source: Vitisphere. Photo: Château Kirwan ]

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