Northern wine show VinoVision announces 500 exhibitors and 10,000 visitors

Sunday December 04 2016 by Vitisphere

They’ll see the light on and want to come in”, quipped consultant Jean-Michel Gressard during a press conference in Paris on November 4 to herald in the new wine show VinoVision. Like all the other stakeholders in the show, he claimed to be extremely confident that it would be a success and was convinced that supermarket buyers would attend the event scheduled for February 12, 13 and 14, 2017 at the Porte de Versailles show ground in Paris.

The metaphorical ‘light’ is the selection of wines from northern French wine regions. The organisers have announced that all regions north of Lyon have signed up to take part, as far as the Côtes de Toul and Bugey areas. As cool climate wines, they are currently extremely popular. “We represent 80% of sparkling appellation wines and 60% of white appellation wines in France”, stated Pierre Clément, a wine grower in Menetou-Salon and chairman of the northern wine region association, co-organiser of VinoVision, with Comexposium.

To date, 340 exhibitors have signed up to take part. “Ultimately, we will have around 500”, claimed Valérie Lobry, managing director of Comexposium’s agriculture and food department. This is below the initial target of 600. The show’s organisers are nevertheless aiming to attract 10,000 visitors and are intending to make the event a marketplace for exports. “If we want to promote our wines, there is no other way”, stressed Jean-Martin Dutour, a wine grower and negociant in Chinon, who also chairs the communications committee of regional marketing board InterLoire.


[ Source: Vitisphere. Illustration: VinoVision ]


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