2016 Primeurs: Plaimont releases new Colombelle label

Saturday November 26 2016 by Vitisphere

This vintage really took us by surprise”, said Joël Boueilh, chairman of Plaimont Producteurs, with a smile on his face. A limited edition 2016 Colombelle glass in hand, he recounted how an unusual year caught more than one wine grower unawares. “We had to harvest nearly ten days late... When you aim to release a Primeur wine on the third Thursday in October, that is a real issue! But we pulled it off and were surprised to see very low levels of acidity”.

The resultant wine has “a little less bite but beautiful freshness”, claimed the chairman, and winegrower. The slight change in profile therefore makes a new graphic identity all the more appropriate, without undermining its intrinsic personality. The more streamlined design, leaving room for an elegant white background although nevertheless retaining the same mauve, has done just that. “We chose the feather, a nod to both the dove referred to in the name and D’Artagnan’s feather, symbolising Gascony”, commented Jean Aymes, head of marketing at the winery.

Colombelle is one of Plaimont’s flagship brands with sales approaching one million bottles for the Original label that has just been released as a Primeur wine.


[ Source: Vitisphere. Illustration: Plaimont Producteurs ]


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