Beaujolais: Female wine growers auction off mature wines for hail-affected estates

Tuesday November 22 2016 by Vitisphere

After Languedoc, where the wine industry launched ‘Vendanges Solidaires’ and ‘Cuvée Solidaire’ in aid of growers struck by hail, female wine growers in Beaujolais have decided to support producers that have suffered damage this year. On October 20, the association ‘Elles & Beaujolais’ held a charity auction of mature Beaujolais vintages in Villefranche-sur-Saône. Two hundred lots were auctioned, including magnums and 3 to 6 bottle lots. All the wines had one thing in common: “none of them are actually marketed any more but all of them attest to the age-worthiness of Beaujolais wines in vintages before 2011”, stressed the association.

The wines were donated by the region’s wine growers, “many of whom keep old vintages tucked away in their personal, dirt-floor cellar”. In terms of buyers, the association was hoping to attract not only the many members of the regional Horeca industry, but also private wine enthusiasts. The profits will be used to publicise the plight of the appellations affected by hail, along with the wine growers, their life and their region.


Source: Vitisphere. Photo: An example of a rare lot, a 1985 magnum from Château de la Chaize in AOC Brouilly – InterencheresLive.


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