Bordeaux: Unexpected upturn in vintage predictions for 2016

Wednesday November 02 2016 by Vitisphere

Will 2016 be to 2015 what 2010 was to 2009 in Bordeaux, i.e. a quality vintage overshadowed by the exaggerated popularity of the previous year? After interest in the 2015s was shown very early on – due to the vintage ending in the number five – comments at harvest time this year were fairly muted. Admittedly, growers are finding it hard to come to terms with the quality potential of this year’s vintage following an exhausting season when six months rain at the start of the year were followed by a never-ending summer. So much so that pressure from mildew in the spring and then water stress over the summer detracted from generous flowering and good balance in the fruit. 

The aptly named vintage review published by agency Sovivins – ‘Bordeaux, a great vintage is always potentially around the corner!’- points out that “areas affected by a halt of the ripening process were extremely few and far between and must not overshadow the top quality progress of most vineyards in terms of water supply”. Unlike 2015, which was irregular, David Pernet of Sovivins claims that as the climate was consistent, quality potential is therefore widespread, except for young vines and dry land. “As in good Bordeaux vintages, the intermediate vineyards came near to the very great ones”.


[ Source: Vitisphere. Photo: Sovivins ]




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