An everyday luxury: Jean-Claude Mas releases the Astellia AAA label

Tuesday October 25 2016 by Vitisphere

Languedoc wine producer Jean-Claude Mas presented his Astellia AAA project in Paris on September 23. The new luxury brand with a fair trade twist stems from a “combination of [his] passions”, spearheaded by his marked interest for arts and crafts. Hence, the reason why he turned to the Daum crystal manufacturer in Nancy to create a dedicated crystal bottle. True to his reputation as a talented all-rounder, he also designed it. The project took two years to complete.

His love of art was the next stage of the project and he commissioned Christophe Heymann, former director of Bordeaux’s Cité Mondiale du Vin, to breathe life into his bottles. The Art Nouveau artist decorated each of the thirty bottles and gave them individual names, often a nod to the personality of the wine grower himself, likening him to a ‘super hero’ by using names such as ‘Super Mas’. The label is designed as a top-end offering and will be made from the three best barrels chosen from fourteen icon casks.

Minute attention to detail is also revealed in the ‘christening bracelet’ adorning each label. The jewellery was made out of gold by Languedoc jeweller Pruniaux and gives a human feel to each bottle. It is designed to be worn by recipients to symbolise the unbreakable bond between them and Astellia AAA. The bottles are due to be auctioned in at least fifteen countries, with funds raised going to charities.


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