InVivo Wine: Co-operatives join the group

Monday October 17 2016 by Vitisphere

- Photo credit : Vinadeis

To date, a dozen or so co-operative wineries or co-operative groups have finalised their membership of InVivo in order to join the InVivo Wine scheme. Val d’Orbieu and Evoc (formerly Uccoar), Vinadeis’ two wine founding co-operatives, were of course the first to sign up. Together, they account for nearly 1 million hectolitres. Soon after came Agamy, a group of three co-operatives from Beaujolais and the surrounding wine regions (70,000 hl), and the Roquemaure co-operative in the Gard area (23,000 hl). More recently, another Gard co-operative – Saint-Maurice-de-Cazevieille – also entered the venture.

In the Corbières, the Les Terroirs du Vertige co-operative has also applied to join and will ship 30% of its output to InVivo Wine, equating to approximately 7,000 hl a year, mostly Banyuls and AOC Collioure. Its wines may be labelled as Terre des Templiers. In a different region altogether, but with a similar motive, the La Bastide co-operative – the largest in the Tarn area with production of 70,000 hl – has also joined the group in order to benefit from its expertise and international reach. Finally, discussions have begun with a Gironde co-operative which, at this stage, is keeping its plans under wraps.


Source: Vitisphere. Photo: Vinadeis


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