Planting authorisations: 26,909 hectares have been confirmed for France for 2016

Saturday October 15 2016 by Vitisphere

2016 was the first year the new planting authorisation scheme came into effect and a total 41,160 decisions were made for 18,700 wine growers. In all, 40,701 applications were issued with permits, covering a total 26,909 hectares. The breakdown by type of application reveals that FranceAgriMer issued permits for conversions (27,601 applications covering 17,317 hectares); replanting (3,381 applications covering 2,014 ha); advance replanting (2,672 applications covering 4,038 ha); and new plantings (7,506 applications covering 3,540 hectares and 4,131 producers).

When combined, total hectareage comes to 26,909, divided between 13,445 ha of appellation vines, 8,928 ha of PGI vines and 4,536 ha of Vins de France vines. By May 17, 2016, FranceAgriMer had received applications for new plantings covering a total 7,768 ha (7,506 applications) but only 5,616.5 ha were eligible. Once the regional distribution quota had been calculated, total area dropped to 3,540.7 ha, equating to 45.5% of acreage requested in May.


Source: Vitisphere. Photo: FranceAgriMer


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