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Beaujolais: 2016 yields up 40%

Par Vitisphere Le 13 octobre 2016
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Beaujolais: 2016 yields up 40%

he customary pre-harvest meeting for Beaujolais wine growers took place in Lacenas, in the Rhone region, on September 7, allowing the chamber of agriculture to present an overview of the current situation. In vineyards not affected by hail, the harvest is expected to be of a decent size compared with previous years when volumes were very low. For the first time in a long time, appellation yields are back to where they should be and this can only be good news for wine growers.

For Gamay, yield forecasts are 40% up on the five-year average for early-ripening and medium-ripening areas. For later-ripening vineyards, expectations are in the range of a 35% increase. A similar trend is forecast for Chardonnay, up 39% according to current estimates. For both varieties, cluster weight is high: “The clusters are large but the berries are small to medium in size”, pointed out Florence Hertaut from the Rhone chamber of agriculture. “So there are a lot of them per cluster”.

Probable harvest dates for Beaujolais and Beaujolais Villages wines, which are close together for both grape varieties, are likely to be around September 15-19 for the early-ripening vineyards and around September 20 for the others.


Source: Vitisphere. Photo: InterBeaujolais (D. Gilet)

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