Wine festivals: 91% of shop-goers expect to get some good bargains

Friday October 07 2016 by Vitisphere

It may seem obvious but sometimes it’s good to state the obvious: people who attend in-store wine festivals are out to get some good bargains. According to an IPSOS survey of 1,006 customers of the Intermarché chain of supermarkets – which is holding its wine festival from September 6 to 18 this year in 1,700 stores – 91% of shop-goers are hoping to get some good deals. The reason why so many people attend the autumn wine festivals is because they like the range of wines on offer (86%) and are hoping to discover some new ones (78%).

The survey also revealed that 35% of people questioned say they have already attended a wine festival in the past, either at Intermarché or elsewhere, and 36% intend to buy wines during this autumn’s festivals. The typical profile of the festival buyer is “male, urban and has a high disposable income”, according to Intermarché. It could also be added that he/she tends to be older with 50% of respondents aged over 60 and just 32% aged under 35.

The average purchase for festival goers is eleven bottles, rising to 13 for people aged over 65 and dropping to 7 for the under-35s.


Source: Vitisphere. Photo: Intermarché


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