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Singapore: Strategic opening of a Bordeaux wine bar

Par Vitisphere Le 02 octobre 2016
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Singapore: Strategic opening of a Bordeaux wine bar
Justin Quek and Christophe Chateau at Grignoter's opening. - crédit photo : CIVB

ith its low-key name – ‘Grignoter’ or nibble – the 100% Bordeaux wine bar is due to be officially opened on September 15 in Singapore. Unsurprisingly, its focus will be on food and wine pairings. Managed by the Bordeaux wine council, CIVB, the wine bar is part of a drive by Bordeaux wines to gain a strong presence in Asian markets. The Singapore venue is the fifth of its kind for Bordeaux wines*. It follows on from three similar outlets in China – ‘Le Bordelais’ in Shanghai opened in May 2012, October 2013 and December 2015 – and the recently-opened Japanese bar ‘Au Bord d’Eau’ in Fukuoka, which opened in May 2016.

The latest venue is located in the historic Chinatown district, in Teck Lim street. It will be run by chef Justin Quek, who is as well versed in Bordeaux wines as he is passionate about them. “Due to their reputation, Bordeaux wines are often perceived as being very expensive and yet there are also lots of very affordable ones”, he stressed in a press statement released by the CIVB.

The wine bars are used as a promotional tool for Bordeaux wines that not only target gourmet food lovers and wine connoisseurs but also the trade. Co-operatives, independent growers and shippers can request access to them to host tastings events or business meetings.

In 2015, Singapore was Bordeaux’s 14th-largest destination by volume, importing 17,000 hl of appellation wines, and the 11th-largest by value with 33 million euros in sales.


*The first Bordeaux wine bar opened in 2006 in the regional capital itself. Another one was launched in New York in January 2014.


Source: Vitisphere. Photo of Justin Quek: CIVB

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