France: 3.52 million hectolitres of wine do not have a buyer

Thursday September 29 2016 by Vitisphere

- Photo credit : Alexandre Abellan (Vitisphere)

Are Spanish wine imports a real threat to the French wine industry or are they merely symptomatic of inherent weaknesses? Looking at the overall balance of the marketplace, it would seem that the positioning of the French wine proposition is the cause for concern. France produces approximately 35 million hectolitres of still wines: annual production over a five-yearly average stands at 46 million hectolitres, minus around 11 million used for producing Cognac and Champagne. In terms of consumption, France absorbs approximately 20.48 million hectolitres of still French wines.

The difference between production of French still wines and French wine consumption, viz 14.42 mhl is the amount of French wine still available, irrespective of category. According to French customs, France exported 12.2 million hectolitres, hence available volumes are in excess of actual French wine exports. The share of foreign wines without a geographical indication re-exported from France accounts for 11% of French exports, equating to 1.3 million hl, according to French customs. France therefore actually exports 10.9 million hl of French still wines, across the category spectrum. It can thus be said that 3.52 million hl of wine do not have a buyer.


Source: Vitisphere.


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