Alain Rousset: “Denis Dubourdieu fundamentally transformed Bordeaux wines” [exclusive]

Sunday August 28 2016 by Vitisphere

- Photo credit : ISVV

After suddenly passing away on July 26 aged 67, winemaker Denis Dubourdieu has left the French wine industry feeling ‘groggy’. “It was with great emotion that I learnt about Denis Dubourdieu’s passing away”, admitted Alain Rousset, chairman of the Nouvelle Aquitaine regional council, paying tribute “with sadness and friendship to the man and outstanding practitioner of viticulture and winemaking that he was”.

With strong roots in the Sauternes wine region where he was born in 1949, Denis Dubourdieu studied at the school of agronomy in Montpellier before gaining a PhD in 1982 with his thesis centring, inevitably, on the macro-molecular composition of noble rot wines. He then became a professor of oenology at Bordeaux University in 1987. Whilst taking over and growing the collection of family-owned estates, he became a renowned consultant winemaker across the globe. “The world of wine is not the same without him”, commented Alain Rousset. “Emotional thoughts go back to the creation of the Vine and Wine Science Institute [in 2009], a project which he designed and then directed”, added the politician, claiming, “Denis Dubourdieu was the embodiment of wine and its culture. He knew every aspect of it – as a teacher, a researcher, a winemaker and a wine grower – and unquestionably put his stamp on the world of wine”.


[ Source: Vitisphere. Photo of Denis Dubourdieu: Denis Dubourdieu Domaines ]


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