Third countries: New subsidy rules for wine and spirits promotion

Thursday August 18 2016 by Vitisphere

Although the principle of European support for promoting wines in foreign countries remains the same, a number of criteria have been changed for the forthcoming call for projects. Changes implemented by Brussels have led intervention agency FranceAgriMer to introduce a priority system for rating applications, similar to rules adopted for investment subsidies. Hence, applications deemed to be top priority will be those submitted by first-time applicants or companies that have already applied for funding, but for another country.

Applicants will also have to justify reasonable pricing, by promoting competition and forwarding at least three estimates for projects in excess of 20,000 euros. Lastly, any major changes to an ongoing project will have to be rubber-stamped by FranceAgriMer, failing which it may not be eligible for funding. Administration services stress that “Any changes to executions must not undermine the approved project’s initial objectives”.

To be eligible for subsidies, promotion projects must reach at least 10,000 euros per country or group of countries. Also, celebrity endorsement can also be used, provided the required funding is not in excess of 2,500 euros a year!


Source & Photo: Vitisphere.


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