European Union: Appellation federation mobilises against simplification manoeuvres

Tuesday August 16 2016 by Vitisphere

Tension is rising in Brussels. French appellation federation CNAOC has become more resolute following a lack of response by the European Commission. Despite a commitment by Commissioner Hogan to review simplification working methods and objectives, work towards a delegated act on geographical indications has continued between the European Commission and Member States. This has riled industry organisations, and become a cause for concern. “Simplification is a pre-reform of the CAP”, was the laconic comment by Pascal Bobilier-Monnot, director of the CNAOC.

The organisation supported a July 7 meeting of the European Parliament wine intergroup on simplification, which resulted in a letter being drafted by Herbert Dorfmann, chairman of the wine intergroup, to Commissioner Hogan. In the letter, posted July 11, the Italian wine grower reminded the Commissioner of the principles of wine legislation which, to the European Parliament, seem sacrosanct. As an aside, the MEP deplored the war between two departments within the DG Agri, the wine department and the quality department.

The stance taken by the Parliament is a means of putting pressure on the Commission so that it reviews its working method and safeguards the regulatory principles producers’ organisations are attached to. The creation of a platform bringing together 17 States around the issue is another means of pressure.


Source: Vitisphere.


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