Awards: OIV reveals its selection of books for this year

Sunday August 14 2016 by Vitisphere

On July 6 in Paris, the OIV Award Jury officially presented its list of book winners for the year. Twelve awards and thirteen special mentions were awarded among 40 nominated books from a total of 76 applications from 27 countries. These record figures were welcomed by the Jury which also innovated this year by creating the OIV Grand Prix award. The prize went jointly to ampelographer Pierre Galet and British journalist Jancis Robinson MW in recognition of their “contribution to the dissemination of knowledge of the wine sector and in acknowledgement of their internationally recognised work”, explained a press statement. Their latest books were awarded the prize: Pierre Galet for his 1,200-page tome ‘Dictionnaire encyclopédique des cépages et de leurs synonymes’ (published by Libre & Solidaire, €98); and Jancis Robinson MW for her 908-page, fourth edition of the Oxford Companion to Wine (published by Oxford University Press, €49).

A noteworthy award-winner in the Wine & Territories category was ‘Vins insolites - Unusual wines - Vinos insolitos - Vini insoliti’ by Pierrick Bourgault, for its invitation to travel the world of incongruous wine regions (published by JonGlez). In the literature category, Jacques Orhon won an award for his ‘Le Vin Snob’, published by Les Editions de l’Homme, and in the History category, the award-winner was ‘Le pinard des Poilus. Une histoire du vin en France durant la grande Guerre (1914-1918)’ by Christophe Lucand (Editions Universitaires de Dijon), recounting the history of wine in the trenches during the Great War of 1914-1918.

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