United States: Italy consolidates its position as number one wine supplier, by volume

Wednesday August 10 2016 by Vitisphere

Italian wines have successfully carved out a place for themselves as wines for everyday drinking”, remarked Caroline Blot from intervention board FranceAgriMer at a presentation of the latest study on wine imports into the United States. “The Italian people, who play a major role in the US, particularly in the catering industry, have taught the American people how to drink their wines on any occasion. And in the United States, consumers love this kind of information”.

Consequently, the American market has been inundated with Italian wines which now account for 27% of import share by volume and as much by value. 35% of bottles imported to the United States come from Italy. By way of a comparison, France is still a benchmark producer but is mentioned more for exceptional consumption occasions. Wines imported from France therefore tend to be more top-end bottlings, which means that market share by value (29%) is much higher than by volume (12%), especially due to Champagne.

Indeed, sparkling wines are particularly popular in the United States. In 2000, the US only imported the equivalent of 400,000hl of sparkling wines, virtually half of which came from France. Fifteen years later, imports border on 1 million hectolitres but the ratio has been reversed: Italy has cornered 51% of the market, compared with just 28% for France.


Source: Vitisphere. Photo: Federdoc


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