Bordeaux wine market council: newly elected chair Allan Sichel wants to regain market shares

Saturday July 30 2016 by Vitisphere

Merchant Allan Sichel was elected as chair of the Bordeaux wine market council (CIVB) at its AGM on July 11 with a vote of 48 in favour, one spoilt vote and one blank vote out of a total 50. He immediately presented his roadmap, to which he added a word of warning: “We boast significant advantages. They are different to the ones we sometimes envy other producer regions across the world for, but let’s not try and duplicate what our competitors do best. It is likely that by trying to imitate them, we will only succeed in playing second fiddle to them”.

Allan Sichel’s avowed aim is to regain market shares. In fact it is a “fundamental concern” for the new chairman which needs to rely not on “the lowest price” but rather “appeal, inquisitiveness and discovery. We must rapidly resume sales volumes in excess of 5.5 million hectolitres”, he warned. Similarly, he will be looking to ramp up relations between the production and marketing sides of the business whilst responding to social expectations by intensifying efforts to reduce chemicals and “finding better ways of making people aware of them”. Also, Allan Sichel believes that strengthening pride in the wine industry is not idle talk: “Pride is a crucial component of success”. Swept along by the momentum of his speech, he even went so far as to encourage efforts promoting “Bordeaux, the world’s wine capital”. It’s now up to the region’s wine producers and merchants to rise to the challenge...


Source: Vitisphere. Photo: JB Nadeau/CIVB


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