Beaune: The marketing board is not bowled over by the Cité des Vins project

Tuesday July 26 2016 by Vitisphere

On July 1, the Beaune town council presented its Cité des Vins project, which is due to take shape near the congress centre. Industry leaders were neither informed of the presentation or invited to take part. Alain Suguenot, the town’s mayor and an MP, has designed the development to attract a high-earning international clientele. In addition to an interpretation centre dedicated to Burgundy’s ‘climats’ and wines, the development will include restaurants, shops and a five-star hotel and will host prominent events.

With public spending currently under pressure, the Beaune town council is intending to use mostly private funding for the complex, with the exception of the interpretation centre. This will be “a public facility, funded by the town of Beaune, the greater Beaune authorities, the Burgundy wine marketing board and other public and private partners”, specifies the press kit. The funding by the wine marketing board has yet to be confirmed.

The future Cité des Vins is designed to encourage affluent visitors to stay, whereas the marketing board’s initial project aimed to make it a place for people to spend a couple of hours before visiting other wine tourism spots across the region. “Our first reaction, based on the little information we have, is that the project does not match our initial plans and that we don’t identify with it”, commented the board’s director André Ségala. “But we have very little information”, he added. “It is very much wait-and-see at the moment...”

Source and photo: Vitisphere


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