Cooperage industry: France produced 592,300 casks worth 390.9 million euros in 2015

Friday July 22 2016 by Vitisphere

Companies belonging to the French Cooperage Federation produced 592,300 casks worth 390.9 million euros in 2015, up 8.3% by volume and 10% by value. Exports are still a pivotal part of the French cooperage industry, accounting for 64% of total sales volumes and 264.4 million euros in turnover (68%).

Will the industry continue to post such positive results in 2016? It seems highly unlikely. “The global market for casks is very mature and there is little hope of posting strong growth”, pointed out Jean-Luc Sylvain, chairman of the French Cooperage Federation. 2016 got off to a poor start due to a slowdown in sales to the US caused by a fairly short crop in 2015. Similarly, spring frosts literally froze wine regions in Northern Europe, foreshadowing a drop in orders. Jean-Luc Sylvain concludes: “I think it will be a struggle to perform as well as in 2015”.

Source: Vitisphere. Photo: FFT


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