Christian Seely: “No major long term disruption” between the Bordeaux and London based wine trades after Brexit

Wednesday July 20 2016 by Vitisphere

England and Bordeaux have been trading closely together for many centuries: the British market has a special place in the hearts of Bordeaux producers; and Bordeaux equally has a special place in the hearts of British wine drinkers”, claimed Christian Seely, managing director of Axa Millésimes, on his blog. As a British citizen working in Bordeaux, he is well placed to assess the issue and puts the impact of the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union after the June 23rd referendum into perspective. “I am stating a personal conviction, but also relaying the results of many conversations with people on both sides”, he pointed out. His belief is that fears of a negative impact on trade relations are generally unfounded. “Inevitably there will be some short-term turbulence, chiefly linked to exchange rate volatility, but personally I do not foresee major long term disruption”, he said. “There is perhaps a medium term political risk linked to the possibility of tariffs being imposed... in an initial heat of political bad temper, but this would both be sad and also would benefit only New World producers”, he warned, hoping that “far sighted and rational politicians in Europe will do all they can to avoid such an outcome... In spite of any short term difficulties, we have a great past and a great future together”, he concluded on a decidedly optimistic note.

* Axa Millésimes properties are located in Bordeaux (châteaux Petit-Village, Pibran, Pichon Baron and Suduiraut), Burgundy (Domaine de l’Arlot), Tokay (Domaine Disznókö) and in the Douro (Quinta do Noval).

Source: Vitisphere. Photo: Quinta do Noval.


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