Voie d'Héraclès co-operative looks forward to new winery

Saturday July 16 2016 by Vitisphere

The Vignerons de la Voie d’Héraclès (VVH) co-operative winery has submitted an application for planning permission for its next generation winery that uses several innovative concepts. No fewer than eight engineering firms, co-ordinated by Elan Ingénierie, worked on the project. “These are industrial facilities for the next 50 years. We have designed operating practices that break the mould compared with current winery conventions and aim to respond to requirements for 21st century winemaking,” explained director Jean-Luc Andrieu. The architectural project features a semi ellipse: the rectangular part houses all the winery’s support functions - reception of the harvest, pressing, maceration tanks for the reds and bottled wine storage. The ellipse area houses fermentation and storage tanks whilst at the heart of these zones is a central area used for pumping, filtering and extraction. This novel lay-out is particularly user-friendly as it reduces the distance between processes and cuts operating costs. The egg shape has the added advantage of being extendable at low cost. The first phase creates 80,000 hl of winemaking capacity and 135,000 hl total vat capacity. A phase 2 extension boosts winemaking capacity to 110,000 hl. The project also has an eco-friendly design: as the winery is entirely undercover, the roof area can be clad with photovoltaic panels. The building is cooled using a free cooling system through ventilation flaps. Rainwater can be collected for irrigation and various systems have been planned to restrict the amount of water that needs treating in evaporation ponds: water used for washing floors will be collected, a water treatment circuit installed and mirror finish tanks used so that they can be washed quicker and more effectively.

Source: Vitisphere. Photo: Héraclès winery



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