Bordeaux: There will be no second Vinipro Sud-Ouest show

Monday July 04 2016 by Vitisphere

Following a meeting on June 3, the board of Bordeaux Vinipro voted unanimously to end the show. “The decision was prompted by heightened competition with no dates left for Bordeaux Vinipro”, stated a laconic press release. Postponed since last December, the show has quite simply been cancelled.

Placed seemingly on standby since its postponement, the show targeting wine merchants and Horeca channels had been the subject of debate within the Bordeaux wine industry. Despite faith in the event voiced by some wine growers and negociants, lack of popularity and commitment for the project finally led to it being shelved. The event was designed as an informal show geared to the needs of wine merchants, cafés, hotels and restaurants.

Despite its originality and ambition, the project failed to attract sufficient interest from exhibitors, with numbers down from the 260 that took part in the maiden event in 2014. Nevertheless, the show’s chairman Eric Dulong lamented in a press statement: “We are absolutely convinced of the relevance of Bordeaux Vinipro Sud-Ouest. [But] it seems difficult to develop [the show] when all the dates are taken”.

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