Wine growers and regions of the future: Frédéric Berne wins the AdVini award

Friday June 24 2016 by Vitisphere

For the first time this year, AdVini, with backing from the Montpellier SupAgro Foundation and IHEV, organised a competition called ‘Vignerons et terroirs d’avenir’ or Wine growers and regions of the future. Open to wine growers under 40, it is designed to encourage young people “with a sound, ambitious project in a wine area with the potential for producing high quality wines”. Amongst the fifty or so candidates and seven finalists, a young wine grower from Beaujolais, Frédéric Berne, was selected by the panel as the overall winner “for an ambitious project aimed at enhancing the image of this beautiful wine region in the finest restaurants in France and abroad”.

Previously viticultural manager on another estate, he moved to Château des Vergers in Lantignié in the Rhone at the end of 2013. Aged 31, Frédéric Berne farms 6 hectares of vineyards in the Morgon, Chiroubles and Beaujolais-Villages appellation areas. He only began making wine and bottling half of his production a year ago, still selling the rest as grapes. After producing 15,000 bottles of wine last year, he has already sold them and says that the marketing phase “went well”.

Frédéric Berne was awarded 50,000 euros to buy more vineyards, restore the winery shop and develop sales. He will also be given seven days support over a two-year period by AdVini experts and partners to help him develop his project. “I am extremely happy, not only for me but for the region as a whole which deserves to be promoted. Beaujolais is back on track, it’s a wine region with a future”, concluded the young wine grower.


[ Source: Vitisphere. Photo: Château des Vergers ]


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