Paris: The world’s leading city for wine consumption

Wednesday June 22 2016 by Vitisphere

Judging from the league table published by Inseec Wine and Spirits Institute, the French capital is by far the leading urban area for wine consumption worldwide. With consumption amongst over 15-year-olds totalling 5.23 million hectolitres, equating to 51.75 litres of wine per capita per year, it outstrips the Argentinean capital Buenos Aires (3.43 million hl and 32.18 litres per capita/year), the Ruhr or Essen-Bochum-Duisburg in Germany (2.89 million hl and 28.5 litres per capita/year), London (2.77 million hl and 27.75 litres per capita/year) and New York (2.31 million hl and 12.08 litres per capita/year). It may come as a surprise to learn that New York only ranks fifth in the league table, as the United States is the world’s premier wine consumer country, but in terms of per capita consumption, France still leads the way.

The results were obtained by multiplying the number of residents aged over 15 in a given city by the country’s per capita wine consumption, based on data from the International Wine & Vine Organisation.

From a strategic point of view, the study stresses the significance of urban consumption in market access strategies, including France. “The cities are where, for instance, consumption of wine by the glass first started in restaurants and wine bars, where rosé wines first became successful and where the surge in sparkling wine consumption emerged across the globe”, explains Jean-François Ley, director of the Inseec Wine and Spirits Institute. He concludes: “It is also in the large conurbations that tomorrow’s trends will first emerge”.


Source: Vitisphere. Illustration: Luncheon of the Boating Party by Auguste Renoir (1881, The Philips Collection).


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