Champagne wine growers choose unusual gifts for Christmas

Monday June 20 2016 by Vitisphere

It was a daring move but the Champagne wine growers’ organisation SGV has taken the plunge! It asked second-year students at the Troyes higher school of design to come up with an idea for a Christmas gift that could be linked to Champagne. On June 6, out of a total six items dedicated to Champagne drinking presented by students, the panel selected the little ‘Eat the eater’ box. Designed by Arthur Lambert, the pine box contains a tiny sachet of garlic and herb-flavoured mealworm beetles along with a sachet of spicy sun-dried tomato and basil-flavoured crickets.

I didn’t want to create the classic wine accessory”, points out the winner of the challenge. “I wanted to provide an alternative to the savoury biscuits usually paired with wine. Insects are a very good protein substitute! They have already been paired with wines but not with Champagne. I also intended this to be a nod to Champagnes sourced from vineyards where insects are combat – when the cork is popped, they both end up side by side”.

The SGV will present the product to gourmet food media at the beginning of September, under a different name. “5,000 boxes will be available at Christmas and New Year in wine merchants and gourmet food stores with a top price tag of €10 excluding VAT”, explains Sandra Cizeron, head of press and PR at Champagnes de Vignerons. “This is a novel idea for a present which shows off wine grower Champagnes in a totally offbeat way”.


[ Source: Vitisphere. Photo of Arthur Lambert: SGV ]


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