Cahors-based cocktails: Fénélon gets a revamp

Saturday June 18 2016 by Vitisphere

To replace local aperitif Fénélon, whose popularity is on the wane, the Cahors wine marketing board UIVC has just unveiled two new recipes called Divo’Cocktails. A tall order, both for Cahors wines and mixologists, the challenge was put to students from the Occitanie catering college in Toulouse. With supervision from their sommellerie teacher, Robert Desbureaux, and barman Guillaume Lacaze (Cocktailconcepts), they came up with the aperitif Divo’Beach – a fruity, unoaked Cahors wine with gin, strawberry squash, basil leaves and lemongrass – and the after dinner drink Divo’Night, again a fruity, unoaked Cahors wine this time blended with grape juice, Grand Marnier and coffee liqueur. Although the aim is to corner part of the local aperitif market by replacing Fénélon, the cocktails are part of a broader marketing strategy. “This is an exciting make-over”, said UIVC marketing director Jérémy Arnaud enthusiastically. “In the wine world, either you opt for the Jurassic wine strategy – and please people who come for the picture postcard scenery – or you preserve local traditions but give them a modern twist. The cocktails are not at the core of our development strategy but they do reveal a turning point with Cahors opening up to the world”.

Targeting 20-30 year-olds, the cocktails are also designed to act as a Trojan horse: by referring to Cahors wines as one of the ingredients, the aim is to turn the name into a buying cue for consumers. “Entering another world is positive for our image”, claims Jérémy Arnaud who points out that the recipes use entry-level wines whose significance is likely to decline according to the marketing board’s strategy.


[ Source: Vitisphere. Photo: UIVC ]


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