Sopexa launches proactive global promotion thrust for wines and spirits

Thursday June 16 2016 by Vitisphere

Over the past few months, Sopexa has issued a number of press releases announcing a range of contracts signed with private partners. The Cognac marketing board is one of them: it has just tasked the agency with “designing and implementing its information and promotion drive for Cognac in China for three years (2017-2019)”, explains Sopexa which will be responsible for training Chinese trade members, rolling out press and blogger relations and digital communications. Nicolas Feuillatte has also chosen the agency to handle its press relations in the United Kingdom. The world’s third-largest Champagne brand justified its choice by pointing to the “excellent market analysis” by Sopexa as well as its “knowledge of the trade and the relevance of the proposed concept and communication executions”.

In Belgium, Sopexa will be working on behalf of Pineau des Charentes from 2016 to 2018. The challenge is to make the drink relevant in the current market context and appeal to generations across-the-board. In Germany, Beaujolais wines have commissioned Sopexa to win back distributors and restaurateurs and create a BtoB press campaign with straplines such as “Come back” and “I’m not just a fling!

Sopexa is not restricting itself to French clients either. The group also announced last March that it had been chosen by Kavaklidere, the leading Turkish wine brand, to manage its press and public relations campaign in the United Kingdom.


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