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Bordeaux wine bars: A fifth venue opens in Japan

Par Vitisphere Le 08 juin 2016
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Bordeaux wine bars: A fifth venue opens in Japan

fficially opened on May 20 in Fukuoka on the Japanese island of Kyushu, the latest 100% Bordeaux wine bar has been poetically named “Au Bord d’Eau”, a nod to both the region’s name and its location along the Naka river in a city that has been twinned with Bordeaux since 1982. Designed by the Bordeaux wine marketing board CIVB, the project is part of a strategy aimed at demonstrating – in this case through tasting – the extensive array of wines from the region, reds and whites, rosés, sweet and sparkling wines. The wine bar will offer hundreds of Bordeaux bottlings, including labels that have so far not been imported to Japan. Its location in a priority market for Bordeaux wines (see key figures below) underscores its ambition to become a true promotional embassy.

The project is supported financially by Japanese entrepreneurs led by 27-year-old Louis Robuchon Abe. A native of Fukuoka, the French-Japanese national is the son of chef Joël Robuchon and also a member of the Commanderie de Bordeaux in Fukuoka, a city renowned primarily for its oysters and passion for gourmet foods.

The first Bordeaux wine bar opened in Bordeaux in 2006. There are now three in Shanghai – opened in May 2012, October 2013 and mid-December 2015 – and one in New York (January 2014).

In 2015, Japan was still the sixth largest market for Bordeaux wines, both in volume and value, with shipments of 161,000 hectolitres worth 113 million euros. In the Japanese market, Bordeaux’s main challenge is to remain on a par with Chilean wines which are particularly aggressive in terms of volume sales, with a 26% share of imports compared with 25% for Bordeaux.


[ Source: Vitisphere. Photo: From left to right, Hervé Grandeau (CIVB), Soichiro Takashima (Mayor of Fukuoka) and Stephan Delau (Bordeaux city council) CIVB ]

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