Independent wine growers meet online store targets

Sunday May 29 2016 by Vitisphere

French independent wine growers launched their online wine store in March 2015. Managing director Jean-Jacques Jarjanette claims he is satisfied with the first year’s trading: “We have met the targets for our store”, he says. The main aim initially was to establish a fully functional website, which seems to have been achieved: “From a technical perspective, the website works well, from ordering through to payment and the logistics platform to delivery. We have an extensive range of wines to manage and that was quite new so it was not necessarily easy from the outset”.

In terms of range, the aim was to ensure independent wine growers joined the scheme and that also seems to have been successful: 650 wine growers are currently listed on the website, compared with an initial target of 300, reflecting “genuine interest in the tool”.  Wine growers also see the site as a way of securing “visibility” and “ease of use”, which they were lacking on their own websites.

Monthly sales volumes via the online wine store are reported to have reached 10,000 bottles on average, turning over an average 100,000 euros excluding VAT. “This is significant, but not enough”, believes the federation’s director. “We are aiming to increase the figure two-fold over the next year, primarily through more e-mailing campaigns”. Sales volumes for individual growers are also very variable, ranging from “just a few bottles to thousands”. “Each wine grower defines his/her own marketing mix and so the results are different with huge standard deviations”, comments Jean-Jacques Jarjanette. Another area for improvement over the coming year is the way the wines are presented and how their proposition is brought to life, in conjunction with the growers themselves.

A new B2B version

Among changes introduced since the launch, independent wine growers opened a website for Belgian customers in March 2016. They plan to do the same by the end of this year for Germany and Great Britain, making it possible for residents in both countries to order and take home delivery of wines. The website will be translated into four languages.

The organisation is also considering establishing a B2B version of the website aimed at the French Horeca trade by the end of the summer holidays. “A lot of independent restaurants cannot or do not want to store wines. They would therefore be interested in mixed orders delivered from our logistics platform”, claims the organisation’s MD. Collective orders should also help reduce carriage costs.

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