Badet-Clément officially opens its Monze winery

Friday May 27 2016 by Vitisphere

Burgundy shipping firm Badet-Clément has entirely refurbished its Monze winery, the former co-operative it bought in 2015. The winery has already been used, producing wines for the Jamelles range and the premium Abbotts & Delaunay Languedoc offering last vintage, but the official opening ceremony is not due until June 3. Three hundred people are expected to attend the evening ceremony which will also celebrate the 20th anniversary of Badet-Clément’s founding. Guests will discover a winery with a capacity of 50,000 hl housing 126 stainless steel tanks ranging from 25hl to 900hl alongside 50-hl oak tanks. They will also be able to visit the barrel cellar with its 800 casks, the analysis laboratory, the tasting room and cellar door facilities. “We wanted to design a flexible, high-performance place to work”, points out Laurent Delaunay, “which will enable the team at Monze to fine-tune their winemaking even more by fermenting rare grape varieties in micro-batches for instance. The overall investment of 7 million euros for buying the facilities, carrying out renovation work and fitting the equipment is a colossal sum for us but it marks a milestone in our development and symbolises our determination to become a benchmark for quality wines in Languedoc”.

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