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Frost in Champagne

Par Vitisphere Le 21 mai 2016
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Frost in Champagne

t is difficult to say so far what the extent of the damage is in Champagne as the Champagne viticultural association has refused to make any comments on the frost that has affected the region. Since April 27, the Champagne research centre has remained true to its image for professionalism and rigour, working to draft an accurate picture of the damage and waiting for it to emerge on the canopy. More importantly, technicians are waiting for the cold spell to end in a year when France is witnessing an exceptionally long period of spring frosts.

We have experienced unusual conditions

It would seem though that the Côte des Bars has been badly affected. “Both in Bar-sur-Aube and Bar-sur-Seine, the entire vineyard has been affected to varying degrees”, said producer Sylvère Massin. What particularly struck the grower is that “areas that do not normally freeze have been affected”. Vineyards that have not frozen for forty years succumbed to the frost this year. Hillside vineyards were also damaged. The impact of the cold on vineyards was worsened by rain that fell either as rain or snow, prompting Sylvère Massin to claim, “We have experienced unusual conditions”.

Frost affected other parts of Champagne. Vineyards with grass cover suffered significantly, points out Axel Picard who heads up Maison Picard et Boyer located in the Marne Valley. But, he says, it will take time to review the situation.

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