Italy: Bill put forward to teach school children about the history of wine

Thursday April 21 2016 by Vitisphere

A bill put forward on March 24 that would make it compulsory for children in primary schools and up to secondary schools to learn about the ‘history of wine civilisation’ has been widely reported in the Italian media. “There is not one period in the history of our country where events linked to grapes and wine have not occurred”, said Senator Dario Stefano, who put forward the bill, on his website. He believes there are many arguments in favour of teaching Italian children about wine and vine culture, not least of which is the fact that Italy is frequently the world’s largest wine producer and its citizens should have at least a grounding in this economic sector.

Also, the Senator pointed out how worthwhile it was to teach children about sensible drinking. His viewpoint is shared by Attilio Scienza, a professor at the Sacred Heart Catholic University. “Getting out of the habit of drinking within the family has removed the barriers for 15-year-old boys...Education is a way of reminding people that wine is a part of Mediterranean culture, we must convey the message that wine is a fundamental component of Mediterranean populations. Drinking should not be about physical but about cultural satisfaction, which is why you have to discover the history behind wine. Passing on this culture to young people in schools is the first stage in a process that must be developed”, commented professor Scienza.

[ Source: Vitisphere. Photo: Dario Stefano ]


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