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Rhone wines officialise their premiumisation strategies

Par Vitisphere Le 17 avril 2016
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Rhone wines officialise their premiumisation strategies

epresentatives of the Rhone Valley marketing board officialised their choice of premiumisation strategy for wines from the Rhone Valley during a press conference on March 31 in Avignon. “We have chosen a strategy focusing on higher value and moving all of our appellations towards the top end”, explained Philippe Pellaton, the board’s vice-chairman.

In actual fact, the trend has already been in motion for several years with wines that are “increasingly recognised”, upward movement of prices for wines in the various trade channels and the gradual demise of low cost markets in countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark. Ultimately, however, the strategy should lead to “the end of very low cost wines” and market positioning revolving solely around the “mid to top-end”. “By increasing our average prices, we will lose people along the way but that is a conscious choice”, stated Michel Chapoutier, chairman of Inter Rhône. “Either they will make an effort to buy our appellations, or they will head towards the PGI category”.

To execute its strategy, the marketing board is relying heavily on long-distance exports, one of the areas where the potential for growth for this type of wine is strongest. Asia, and in particular China, and North America are being targeted. “We will be gaining market shares in the highest value segments and by moving our appellations upmarket, as evidenced by Cairanne”, is Philippe Pellaton’s firm intention. The board’s ultimate aim is to increase the share of exports from 30 to 50%.

[ Source: Vitisphere. Photo: Inter Rhône ]

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